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Can Sea Moss Help With Fertility? Research-Based Sea Moss Fertility Benefits

Updated 09 September 2023 | Published 15 March 2023
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Reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionist Mariya Pastukhova, bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics, New York, US

rish sea moss (Chondrus crispus), a species of Red algae, is known to have a diverse impact on human health. Brimming with nutrients, seaweed is linked to improving overall health, increasing energy levels, consolidating immunity and digestion, and enhancing your everyday life in the long run.

However, can sea moss help with fertility considering its nutritional powerhouse? This article will shed some light on sea moss fertility benefits based on scientific research.

How does sea moss affect fertility?

There are many claims about sea moss being a highly beneficial fertility booster — both in men and women. What’s more, in the Caribbean sea moss is not only a crucial part of national cuisine but also a popular natural aphrodisiac that increases testosterone levels (vital for sperm production, but not for fertility).

In general, Irish sea moss can aid in getting pregnant and contribute to overall fertility in the following ways:

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By being a source of essential minerals and acids

Irish sea moss is abundant in such crucial minerals as iron, zinc, and iodine and a vital for fertility folic acid. As a case in point, there’s research showing that micronutrient deficiency in women is often a reason for infertility(1).

By maintaining a healthy metabolism

Weight, energy levels, and metabolic health are other essential factors for fertility. For example, obesity and lack of physical activity can hurt male fertility. (23)

By helping reduce stress

There’s an assumption that stress, depression, and anxiety might cause infertility and even lead to miscarriage(4). Beneficial Irish sea moss, packed with minerals like magnesium and acids like glycine and GABA can improve stress resistance and contribute to post-stress recovery.

By supporting a healthy appetite

A healthy appetite is not only about eating well but also about preventing overeating. Irish sea moss is a vast source of fiber, which is prebiotic to your gut bacteria. Fiber can also bring the feeling of satiety — your ally in fighting unhealthy cravings.

By replenishing nutritional deficiency

Irish sea moss is rich in Omega fatty acids, amino acids that support and boost brain activity, trace minerals that are fundamental for body and bodily processes, and antioxidants that support immunity and overall health. By nurturing your body with all crucial micronutrients, the seaweed might significantly contribute to fertility and smooth pregnancy.

Nutrients of sea moss that impact fertility

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly Irish sea moss contributes to fertility — as it’s vital to understand that sea moss doesn’t affect health, but its nutrients do.


Irish sea moss is rich in essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and zinc. These minerals are important for reproductive health, as they play a role in hormone production and regulation, which can impact fertility.


Irish sea moss is a good source of iodine, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormones, regulated by iodine, are vital for maintaining hormonal balance, including those related to reproduction.


Sea moss contains vitamins like vitamins A, vitamin C, K, and E, which have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect reproductive cells from oxidative stress, potentially improving overall fertility.

Soluble fiber

Sea moss is a dense source of fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels. The stability of sugar levels is significant for reproductive health and menstrual regularity, while its imbalance might negatively affect ovulation and overall health.

Omega fatty acids

In one study, Omega fatty acids were linked to an increase in the probability of pregnancy in infertile women(5). There are some other benefits of taking Omega for reproductive health, such as chronic inflammation soothing and better stress resistance.

How to choose sea moss for fertility boosting?

When choosing Irish sea moss for fertility improvement, it’s recommended to choose a certified product that doesn’t contain artificial additives and white sugar, potentially dangerous for pregnancy.

At True Sea Moss we are committed to manufacturing lab-tested, genuine products, with transparent nutritional content. Our products only contain 100% organic, fresh ingredients and are free from heavy metals or toxins.

How sea moss affects male and female fertility

The regular use of Irish sea moss is beneficial for both men and women when it comes to reproductive health. Let’s take a glimpse at how this alga affects men and women separately and who benefits more from eating it.

Female fertility

There are slightly more advantages when it comes to sea moss and fertility in a woman. The above-described nutrients (trace minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants) can increase the probability of ovulation and support women during pregnancy, ensuring hormonal and emotional balance.

Male fertility

Talking about sea moss and male fertility, Irish sea moss can boost testosterone levels with zinc — which impacts reproductive health. With Omega fatty acids and minerals like magnesium, the seaweed might significantly help maintain stress.

Furthermore, since obesity and poor metabolism are some of the primary enemies of male fertility, including Irish sea moss in diet might help normalize weight, not to mention blood sugar levels, and hormones.


Sea moss is a species of Red algae crammed with essential micronutrients that are required for human well-being. There are many studies that link Irish sea moss to fertility benefits in men and women.

Sea moss is a source of trace minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, fiber, and amino acids that can support women's fertility and pregnancy. It also contributes to male fertility by reducing stress and helping men maintain healthy weight, avoiding obesity and low metabolism.

To ensure that the chosen sea moss only brings benefits and doesn’t do harm, you can choose True Sea Moss as your reliable Irish moss supplement manufacturer. Our products do not contain artificial additives or sugar and are laboratory-tested for heavy metals and toxins.

True Sea Moss supplements are entirely safe and beneficial both for parents and for babies. Visit our website and read more research-backed articles in our blog!


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