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Collagen in Sea Moss: Is it There and Why Do You Need It?

Updated 09 September 2023 | Published 15 March 2023
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Reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionist Mariya Pastukhova, bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics, New York, US

ollagen is a protein found in a compound of connective tissue, skin, tendon, cartilage, and every element of your body that requires elasticity and stretch.

This protein is the most abundant in your body, and it’s vital for the health of your joints, muscles, and arteries, Irish sea moss (Chondrus Crispus) contains a load of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, acids, and antioxidants. But does sea moss have collagen and is it enough to call this seaweed a rich source of protein?

As seasoned vendors of Irish sea moss supplements, we are going to shed some light on the true content of collagen in sea moss and name some sounding benefits of it as a bonus.

Does sea moss have collagen and how much?

Is there collagen in sea moss? Unlike many other popular seaweeds, Irish moss does not contain collagen. Still, it can act as a powerful collagen stimulus, especially being taken along with additional collagen supplements. Irish sea moss aids your body in producing more collagen by having the most vital collagen-boosters such as:

  • Vitamin C(1)
  • Vitamin E(2)
  • Copper(4)
  • Retinol(5)
  • Zinc(3)

Finally, Irish sea moss contains carrageenan — a natural thickening agent that, along with the collagen-boosting properties of the seaweed, contributes to the well-being of your joints, knees, and ligaments.

What are the benefits of boosted collagen production?

In the face of the absence of collagen in sea moss, Irish moss aids in the production of the protein in your organism. But is consuming sea moss as beneficial as consuming collagen alone? These four benefits of increased collagen production through sea moss will give you an idea.

Effects on skin

Being a primary component of your skin, collagen levels in your body decide the skin’s elasticity, hydration, barrier strength, proneness to damage and pollution, and so forth.

Namely, if you were seeking a potion of eternal youth, you have just found the existing and highly accessible version of it! Past the age of 29-30 years old (or ‘in our late twenties’), our body loses a certain percentage of collagen production capability(6).

Therefore, if you regularly consume products with Irish moss, you slow down the signs of aging by keeping your collagen production at a decent level. Moreover, Irish sea moss has the unique property of safeguarding your skin and hair against UV radiation, known to cause skin cancer and premature aging(13).

You can also watch the fascinating testimonial about the evidence-based effects of collagen on your skin and well-being on our YouTube channel!

Promoted heart well-being

Collagen also provides structure to your blood vessels(7). The lack of protein may narrow your arteries and cause atherosclerosis(7), a causative agent of stroke and heart attack(7). Hence, by boosting collagen in your body, sea moss makes your arteries more flexible and your heart stronger

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Boosts muscle growth

Collagen is involved in building your skeletal muscles(8), and hence it is crucial to your muscle mass development. Collagen synthesizes creatine that stimulates post-workout muscle growth.

Eating Irish moss in order to boost muscle growth(9) will also help you soothe pain in your muscles, as sea moss is abundant in Taurine(10) and Magnesium(11), known to be able to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness.

Prevents bone fatigue

Collagen provides a structural framework for our bones. Maintaining optimal levels of this protein in our bodies can significantly benefit our bone health. Irish sea moss will prevent your bones from losing stiffness(12), not only by boosting collagen in your body but also by loading it with calcium and phosphorus(13), crucial for the formation of strong bones and teeth.


Collagen is the richest protein in the human body. Its proper production is vital for the health of your heart, the development of your muscles, supported bones and teeth, and for overall well-being of your organism.

The answer to the question of does sea moss contain collagen is negative. Nevertheless, since Chondrus crispus doesn’t contain collagen itself, it is very efficient in stimulating the production of the protein in your body, boosted by sea moss’ zinc, copper, antioxidants, and retinol.

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