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Does Sea Moss Lower Blood Pressure (And Can You Take It With Medications?)

Updated 11 November 2023 | Published 11 November 2023
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Reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionist Mariya Pastukhova, bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics, New York, US

ypertension is not a rare case today, and it’s a dangerous condition that has numerous factors of development. Irish sea moss (Red algae species), or some of its nutrients, to be precise, were shown to have a positive impact on people with high blood pressure.

In this research-based article, we will uncover the answers to the most popular questions: does sea moss lower blood pressure and does sea moss affect blood pressure medication?

What is Irish sea moss?

Irish sea moss, known as Chondrus crispus, is one of the most impressive Red algae species. Its closest relative is the famous nori seaweed (which can’t boast as much impressive nutritional content!). Irish sea moss is today’s go-to solution for most ailments and for effective health support — pretty much just like it was centuries ago.

Some of the most sought-after benefits of sea moss include:

  • Consolidated immunity and digestion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced skin and hair condition
  • Supported joints, arteries, heart, and bones
  • Promoted brain activity and mood

How does blood pressure work?

High blood pressure (hypertension) might have many factors and depend on genetics, age, lifestyle, race, and specific medical conditions.

It occurs when the blood force that pushes through your vessels is too high. The narrower your arteries that create resistance for blood flow are, the higher the pressure will be. Over time, and if not taken care of, hypertension can cause deterioration of eyesight, kidney health, and heart well-being, eventually leading to stroke or heart attack.

Some of the most common reasons for hypertension are:

  • Genes and age
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity and diabetes
  • Alcohol, sugar, and sodium misuse
  • Medical conditions (kidney disease, heart defects, thyroid and endocrine issues, etc.)

How Irish moss affects your blood pressure

Now, if you have already had experience with catch-all sea moss, you might wonder “Can I take sea moss if I have high blood pressure?” Considering the impressive content of sea moss which includes enzymes and coenzymes, trace minerals, fatty acids, essential and non-essential amino acids, and antioxidants, the regular use of Irish sea moss might contribute to your blood pressure well-being.

Here are some of the sea moss micronutrients(1) that can potentially lower your blood pressure:


Besides other vital benefits for bodily function, magnesium — a mineral sea moss is rich in — can help reduce blood pressure(2) by relaxing your blood vessels with the promoted nitric oxide. Regular intake of magnesium can vastly help with chronic blood pressure.

how does sea moss help with hypertension?


Potassium is considered one of the most effective blood pressure solvers(2), and it is also found in sea moss in decent amounts. Just like magnesium, potassium helps blood vessels relax by promoting sodium excretion from your body — sodium is one of the blood pressure worsening factors.

B vitamins

Irish sea moss is high in B vitamins(3, 4, 5) — allies in reduced blood pressure and pumped heart health. Particularly B2, B9, and B6 can reduce blood pressure caused by genes and heart diseases. These B vitamins might also protect against this condition renewal over time.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed by your body for numerous essential body processes. But it is also suggested that vitamin C can contribute to the stabilized blood pressure. It is not entirely studied, yet one research showed that people with high blood pressure saw a significant improvement after constant vitamin C intake(6).


The amino acid arginine found in the seaweed can also aid in reducing high total and diastolic blood pressure(7). It can also improve blood flow and artery health, and it is safe to consume for pregnant women.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid is fundamental for normal sleep and relaxation. It was also shown to materially reduce high-normal and borderline hypertension(8). GABA is also a beneficial supplement against hypertension development and for heart and nervous system wellness.

Please, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before you start taking Irish moss for hypertension treatment!

How much sea moss to take to improve your blood pressure?

True Sea Moss gels are recommended to be taken after your meal, 2 tablespoons a day. We highly recommend staying consistent with sea moss for noticeable results.

Our Irish sea moss is 100%, lab-tested, with no added sugar and artificial additives free — and therefore is safe for your health. For your convenience, our shop sells capsules, gummies, and our fav gels, flavored with natural farm-grown fruits.

Can you take Irish sea moss with blood pressure medications?

Sea moss and blood thinners can work into a great synergy if you take the seaweed by only two tablespoons per day, as prescribed. Such an amount of Irish moss won’t harm but only benefit your hypertension. It is also vital to consult with your healthcare provider before you decide to take sea moss with your medications.

5 unexpected sea moss benefits for people with blood pressure spikes

There are even more benefits of sea moss for high blood pressure that appear when you take the seaweed continuously:

  • Pumped metabolism. There are many nutrients of sea moss that can boost your metabolism, from GABA to trace minerals contained in it. A faster metabolism can aid with your weight loss and boost your energy levels.
  • Weight-loss contribution. Obesity is one of the most common factors for hypertension development. Carrageenan found in this Red algae species can help normalize weight. Additionally, it might promote blood vessels' well-being.
  • Emotional stability. Brimming with acids like tyrosine, glycine, and arginine, and also being a source of fatty acids and magnesium can help you achieve emotional stability and increase your stress resistance.
  • Promoted collagen. Although Irish moss lacks collagen, its antioxidants and B vitamins can help promote collagen’s natural production in your body. Collagen is fundamental for your heart health and artery health.
  • High fiber. Enough fiber in your ration can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar, which may potentially negatively affect your blood pressure.

However, it’s important to notice that Irish moss works better alongside a balanced diet, reduced calorie intake, and active lifestyle. It can become a wonderful addition to your life and diet and it will outstandingly aid in your strivings to achieve health and well-being!


Sea moss, the Red algae species, is known for the numerous benefits it can give in the long run. Some of its micronutrients — magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin C, L-arginine, and GABA — were shown to reduce blood pressure and help support overall health. Sea moss can be a beneficial addition to your routine, whether you have hypertension and want to improve it or just seeking to reach well-being and sustainability.

At True Sea Moss we are always eager to encourage you to the positive life changes — visit our shop for the best sea moss products, seasonal discounts, and more!


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