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How To Store Sea Moss: The Ultimate Guide On Sea Moss’ Shelf Life

Updated 09 September 2023 | Published 15 March 2023
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Reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionist Mariya Pastukhova, bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics, New York, US

o you’ve decided to give your life a big change and ordered a jar of True Sea Moss Irish moss. Now, you want to know how to keep your valuable moss fresh, delicious, and advantageous for as long as possible.

We at True Sea Moss gathered the Sea Moss Storage 101 where we answered the following popular questions: how long does sea moss last in the fridge, what is the best storing method for your seaweed’s longer life, and what does expired sea moss look like. Let’s master the art of caring about your moss so it can further care about you.

Why does sea moss require specific storage conditions?

Sea moss is very picky to conditions. It doesn’t appreciate room temperature, nor does it like heat. Before delivering it to you, we store all Red algae products tightly sealed in special refrigerators with low, but safe for the seaweed, temperature.

The thing is, being highly organic and without a tad of artificial preservatives, sea moss expires, especially out of its natural habitat (salty sea water). That being said, here’s the answer to the “Do you keep sea moss gel refrigerated?” — yes, you definitely do!

What happens if you neglect storing sea moss?

But can seamoss expire? If you think that seaweed is always edible, you’re wrong. Dry sea moss will lose its properties over time, the same will occur to pills and powder.

 On the other hand, raw seaweed and gel from it can harm your stomach if you dare to consume them after their expiration date. However, you can always tell that sea moss got spoiled. There are many signs of it that you can’t mistake. How to store dry sea moss?

Unlike raw seaweed, pills, powder, and dry root are not picky to conditions. They will sit for years on your shelf in a dry place, preferably away from direct sunlight.

How to store popular Red algae species

There are around 6,000 species of Red algae. The most common and used around nowadays are Chondrus crispus (Irish sea moss), Gracilaria (Jamaican sea moss), and Eucheuma cottonii — often referred to as Golden sea moss.

To answer the question of how to store sea moss gel from each species right off the bet — you want to keep them all in the fridge. Still, you want to bear in mind that every alga has a different temperature tolerance. Here are the optimal temperature ranges (minimal and maximum) for all three types of moss:

🌿Chondrus crispus (Irish sea moss)(1) — 10°C to 20°C
🌿Gracilaria (Jamaican sea moss)(2) — 15°C to 35 °C
🌿Eucheuma cottonii (Golden sea moss)(3) — 27°C to 31°C

Now, here you have the basic requirements for sea root products storage in the fridge:

1. Seal your raw Red Algae or gel properly
2. Put the container in the back part of your fridge
3. Use True Sea Moss products within 4 weeks

If you wonder if can you store sea moss gel in plastic, you absolutely can. It will also do great in our original package, as well as in the glass. You shouldn’t store sea algae in tin cans, though, as they oxidize and can turn whatever they contain into poison.

How long does gel from sea moss last without a fridge?

How long can sea moss gel last unrefrigerated? From the previous section, you know that some Red algae species can survive in rather high temperatures.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t refrigerate them. Without a fridge, your valuable alga will only last three to five days, before turning into a lifeless, slimy, sour something. But, how long does sea moss gel last in the fridge? Significantly longer.

Unopened jar of True Sea Moss gel lasts up to 3 months, and up to 4 weeks if it was opened.

How to store sea moss in the freezer?

You can freeze sea moss! We recommend resorting to it if you have ordered several jars of True Sea Moss gel in bulk. Now, how long does sea moss gel last in the freezer? Freezing Red Algae will keep it fresh and perky for as long as 6 months and you will have no problem defrosting it.

Here is how you can do it:

✅Pour your Irish moss gel into a clean, dry container
✅Seal tightly or cover with a film. Use within 6 months.
✅ You can also try freezing our gels into cubes.

There’s a whopping amount of healthy and refreshing recipes for iced sea moss. To defrost your moss, put it in the preheated oven or let it thaw by dipping your container into a bowl of warm water.

Pros and cons of freezing sea moss

Nonetheless, we strongly advise using your vitamins-packed Red Algae fresh — two tablespoons a day without skipping. Freezing sea moss, especially without a need, may thwart your experience.


✅A freezer is great when you have several jars and want to enjoy your moss fresh for longer
✅Freezing your moss helps to also keep its sought-after properties
✅You can experiment with refreshing icy sea moss gel to prepare sorbets, cocktails, and so on


❌Freezing thickens the consistency of sea moss gel
❌Defrosting sea moss gel might slightly lessen its vibrant flavor

How do you tell if sea moss is spoiled?

Finally, when does sea moss expire? If after four weeks in your freezer, your algae is still fine, you can by all means enjoy it. Maybe you’ve got a fabulous fridge that changes the game.

Yet, it’s always great to learn what expired sea moss gel tastes and looks like before you eat it. Luckily, our preservatives and artificial-flavors-free Irish moss products won’t let you mistake spoiled moss for a fresh one.

9 signs of spoiled sea moss

Here’s a checklist for you to stay vigilant if your Red Algae goes bad. These 9 signs of expired sea moss are common for all species

It gets slimy. Slimy coverage means that the fermentation process began, and it’s a sign of spoiled Red Algae that shouldn’t be consumed. It gets watery. Extra-watery gel or raw seaweed is another sign, that usually doesn’t go without sliminess.

It gains an unnaturally strong smell. Your guts will always tell when something smells inedible. Spoiled Irish moss will have a sour smell, common for spoiled veggies.

The color got more saturated. When the hue changes and your seaweed goes darker, be sure to avoid consuming it.

The mold appeared. Whitish mold on raw sea moss or black spots in your sea algae gel are signs of expired moss that you can’t eat.

The light mold covers it. Light mold is usual for fruits and veggies. It tells that sea algae have gone rotten.

- Pills changed their state. They might get covered in mold or even develop a fishy smell that repulses.

Powder developed mold and a bad smell as well. Unusual spots on your Red algae powder and a repellent smell tell that your product has gone bad (possibly being stored in high humidity conditions.)

Dried root smells sour. If your dried sea alga has the smell of spoiled milk, it’s time to throw it out.

Final words

o sum up, sea moss loves it when you store it in the fridge, and will patiently sit there for four weeks! If you plan to buy several True Sea Moss gels, you can always use one and freeze the rest for six months.

 Before putting your Chondrus crispus container away, seal it tightly and ensure the absence of air gaps — this way you will save your gel from absorbing redundant smells from your fridge and freezer. To tell that your moss’s gone bad, check it for the abrupt smell, black spots of mold, slimy texture, and extra water in the container.

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