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Is There Protein in Sea Moss And What Are The Benefits?

roteins are essential for a human being. Additional intake of protein is not only vital for athletes to gain muscle mass and grow weight. Proteins create and fix body tissues and are responsible for bodily functions. Insufficiency of this nutrient causes feelings of fatigue, dizziness, and hunger, and makes you prone to illnesses.

While some seaweeds are high in proteins, we are about to find out whether is there protein in sea moss called Chondrus crispus — the most vitamin-packed species of Red Algae.

Why do you need protein?

Protein is involved in many processes and compounds in your body. Besides being your muscle and tissue major material, extra intake of the nutrient gives you the following benefits:

  • The feeling of fullness. Enough protein prevents overeating and helps control cravings. Eating proteins will keep you full for longer and also give you the feeling of satiety.
  • Promoted muscle growth. The described nutrient is the building block of your muscle structure, eating sufficient amounts of it prevents muscle loss and increases gain. 
  • Boosted metabolism. By providing a feeling of satiety and increased energy expenditure for protein digestion, proteins in sea moss might contribute to your weight loss effort and promote your metabolism speed.

How much protein is in sea moss?

First of all, does sea moss contain protein? Yes, Chondrus crispus has plant proteins, organic and vegan-friendly. But how much protein is in sea moss? According to the US Department of Agriculture(1), there is only 0.151 g of proteins per two tablespoons of sea moss, which is 1.51 g per 100 grams.

To compare, one egg of 50 grams contains around 6.4(2) grams of protein. Since it’s inadvisable to consume more than two tablespoons per day to avoid oversaturation with elements like Iodine and Calcium, Irish moss won’t suit as a primary source of protein in your diet.

However, it still plays a whopping huge role in supporting protein absorption.

How does sea moss help with proper protein absorption?

As we already know, sea moss has protein, but its amount is insufficient to support your daily need for proteins.

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Still, if you are adhering to a high-protein diet, a sea moss gel or sea moss capsules will be a very strong supplement. Sea moss will aid the efficient absorption of this nutrient, owing to the following properties:

  • By being a source of enzymes(3). Enzymes help break food into small chains of amino acids that can be easily absorbed by our bodies.
  • By aiding your digestion(4). Irish sea moss is high in fiber — a prebiotic that is food for your gut bacteria — probiotics. Probiotics are vital for your digestion efficiency and solidity.
  • By being a source of prebiotics. Filled with fiber, sea moss is a food for your probiotics — beneficial gut bacteria.
  • By nourishing you with vitamin B-6(5). Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) contained in the Irish moss is essential for processing proteins and regulating their balance in your body.

A tip from the True Sea Moss team: a tablespoon of wildcrafted sea moss gel added to your protein shake, plus a tablespoon of collagen powder — and you’ve got the most efficient post- or pre-workout keto drink known to humanity.


Proteins are vital for your skeletal muscle formation, for your energy, metabolism, and proper work of other bodily processes. Though protein in sea moss exists, the amount of it is several times less than even in one small egg. However, sea moss is a strong protein absorption booster with its enzymes, pyridoxine, and probiotics.

Moreover, Irish moss is packed with a load of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids that benefit your body and its processes.

At True Sea Moss we encourage you to choose the right way to your well-being. Health and happiness are as accessible today as the finest US Irish sea moss gels and capsules — visit our shop and start your healthy transformation today!


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