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Research-Based Benefits Of Sea Moss For Women

Updated 27 December 2023 | Published 20 December 2023
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Reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionist Mariya Pastukhova, bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics, New York, US

ave you ever given a thought to how complicated women are? It’s an insane machine that goes through numerous bodily processes.

Your hormones control your life and mood, and you have several calendars for different physical events that you must be prepared for, tailoring your plans and your life to each — periods, PMS, seasonal migraines, and so on!

Yet we are not living in the Middle Ages and you don’t have to become a slave of your physical discomfort. Let’s find out what is sea moss and how it is good for a woman who wants to take care of herself.

10 health benefits of sea moss for women

Chondrus crispus, a beneficial species of Red algae known as Irish sea moss, is in demand for its broad nutritional content. Sea moss for women might be beneficial owing to its anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing properties.

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Consistent and regular use of Irish sea moss may be advantageous for your overall well-being and some particular aspects of female health:

  • Regulated menstrual cycles. Chondrus crispus may help regulate menstrual cycles by providing zinc, copper, magnesium, and vitamin A (retinol) that support hormonal balance, leading to more predictable and less discomforting menstruation(1).
  • Boosted female fertility. The nutritional content of Irish moss can improve reproductive health in women, potentially enhancing fertility by providing essential nutrients — B9 (folate), zinc, B12 (cobalamin), and selenium(2, 3, 4, 5) — required for reproductive processes.
  • Fertility and pregnancy benefits. The alga can become a valuable source of micronutrients during pregnancy. It is brimming with iron, zinc, B vitamins, copper, and Omega fatty acids(4, 6, 7, 8, 9) that support the health and development of both the mother and the fetus.
  • Enhanced skin health. The seaweed's rich nutrient profile, including antioxidants A, E, and C, fatty acids, and some B vitamins (niacin)(10, 11, 12) can contribute to improved skin health and boosted collagen, promoting a clear complexion and maintaining skin youth.
  • Promoted hair growth and vitality. Sea moss contains nutrients that might support healthy hair growth (A, and E)(13, 14) and maintain the overall beauty and vitality of the hair (B vitamins and Omega fatty acids), potentially reducing issues like hair loss and breakability.
  • Supported weight management. The alga is a high-fiber snack that can help you cut the cravings by providing the feeling of satiety! Moreover, it might boost your metabolism with its high content of antioxidants and the presence of amino acids like l-tyrosine and GABA(15, 16).
  • Regulated thyroid function and hormonal balance. Certain compounds in Chondrus crispus (B vitamins and iodine) may support thyroid function and maintain hormonal balance, which is essential for women's overall health(17, 18).
  • Increased energy levels. Improved hormonal balance and constant flow of micronutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, and iron might significantly contribute to your energy levels, focus, and cognitive performance(19).
  • A possibility of menopause delay and reduced risks of estrogen-related cancers. B vitamins of Chondrus crispus may have a role in delaying the onset of menopause(20), helping you maintain reproductive health for a longer period. What’s more, it can help regulate estrogen levels and could contribute to a reduced risk of estrogen-related cancers.
  • Boosted mood. Omega fatty acids and magnesium of sea moss, along with its potential hormonal benefits, could positively impact mood, reducing symptoms of mood swings or depression that you might experience during the menstrual cycle(21, 22).

Does sea moss also impact your weight?

Besides the reproductive benefits of sea moss for women, the alga might help you on your weight loss journey.

Even though it’s not a magic bullet, being a nutrient-abundant superfood allows sea moss to impact some of your bodily processes that are responsible for your metabolism (such as Human Growth Hormone and thyroid well-being).

Moreover, Irish sea moss can help you maintain weight by contributing to your digestive health. With a possible prebiotic effect, the alga can cause an increment of probiotics in your gut, which may benefit your weight loss.

Can sea moss significantly affect skin and hair health?

Some of the nutrients found in sea moss might enhance your skin and hair state. For instance, some of the B vitamins, antioxidants like A, E, and C, and trace minerals like iron and zinc, might help your body by:

- improving blood circulation
- enhancing hydration
- boosting the natural production of collagen
- promoting cell turnover

Does Irish moss help balance hormones?

Iodine and B vitamins of Irish sea moss might potentially help you improve hormonal balance. However, if you are considering sea moss as a primary supplement for hormonal balance, we strongly recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider first.

How to use sea moss for benefits and safe results?

True Sea Moss sea moss gel and sea moss gummies contain zero artificial additives or added white sugar. All gels are naturally flavored with fruits and berries grown on farms. We lab-test our sea moss for heavy metals and toxins, while every batch is additionally checked by the FDA.

For noticeable and soon results, our dietitians recommend:

  • Stay consistent with Irish sea moss at least for 30 days
  • Eat your sea moss with your meal two times a day
  • Keep your True Sea Moss gel or gummies well-sealed in the fridge
  • Consult with your physician before committing to the beneficial alga

The recommended serving of True Sea Moss gel is two tablespoons (or as prescribed by your physician).

To sum up

Every woman should take her well-being seriously. It is a complicated, complex amalgam of bodily processes that sometimes require your help.

If you struggle with hormonal imbalance, mood swings, severe PMS, acute periods, infertility, and other female issues, supplements like Irish sea moss can vastly contribute to your feel-good.

Crowding with essential micronutrients, Red algae species Irish sea moss might improve your reproductive health, contribute to your mental well-being, ease off menstrual pain and intensity, and pumper your skin and hair beauty.

True Sea Moss cares about you — our products are 100% organic and safe, and are certified. Visit our shop to find a product that matches your lifestyle!


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