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Subscribe Policy

Introduction: Our company offers the "Subscribe and Save" program to provide our customers with the convenience of regular product deliveries while saving time and money. Our "Subscribe and Save" policy regulates the terms and rules of this program to ensure the best experience for all participants.

  1. Registration: 1.1. To participate in the "Subscribe and Save" program, customers must register on our website and create an account. 1.2. During registration, customers must provide a valid email address and other necessary information.

  2. Product Selection: 2.1. Customers can choose from the range of products we offer those they want to receive regularly. 2.2. We reserve the right to change the assortment of products available for the "Subscribe and Save" program and notify customers of any changes in advance.

  3. Regular Delivery: 3.1. Subscribers to the "Subscribe and Save" program receive their selected products automatically at a specified frequency. 3.2. Customers can choose the delivery frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly, etc.) according to their needs. 3.3. The delivery date can be changed upon customer request, but within our established deadlines and limitations.

  4. Subscription Cancellation: 4.1. Customers can cancel their subscription to the "Subscribe and Save" program at any time. 4.2. Subscription cancellation must be done by the customer in their account dashboard or by contacting our customer service department. 4.3. After cancelling the subscription, the customer will no longer receive regular product deliveries.

  5. Order Modifications: 5.1. Customers can modify the contents of their order within the "Subscribe and Save" program until a specified deadline set by us. 5.2. Any changes made to an order after the specified deadline will take effect from the subsequent delivery.

  6. Prices and Discounts: 6.1. Prices for products in the "Subscribe and Save" program may be offered at a discounted rate compared to regular retail prices. 6.2. We reserve the right to change prices and discounts for products within the "Subscribe and Save" program and notify customers of any changes in advance.

  7. Liability: 7.1. We are not liable for any delays or failures in product deliveries caused by unforeseen circumstances or force majeure events. 7.2. We are not liable for any damages or losses incurred by the customer due to missed deliveries or changes to orders.

  8. Policy Changes: 8.1. We reserve the right to change the "Subscribe and Save" policy at any time. 8.2. Any changes to the policy will be published on our website, and customers will be notified of the changes in advance.

Conclusion: Our "Subscribe and Save" policy provides clear rules and conditions for participating in the program, creating transparency and reliability for our customers. We strive to deliver a high level of service and meet the needs of our customers through this program, and we look forward to a continued partnership with our subscribers.