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Manufactured in the USA

from 100% natural ingredients


$47.50 $47.50


Fresh fruits, sea moss, lime juice, spring water.


Like applesauce, easy on the palate.

Ways to Enjoy:

Mix with any foodor eat directly

Suggested Intake:

2 tablespoons daily.

Monthly Supply:

2 jars per per person.


1. Select Quantity


Mango & pineapple




Apple & cinnamon




Blue spirulina




Green spirulina










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from the Facebook Community

1791 reviews

Susie Barrett

Absolulely LOVE this stuff and my doctor supports it as well so far I have tried 3 flavors... 1-2 TBSP mixed into my "good belly”juice each morning... definitely will continue

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  • 5 d

Alana Mc

I have been taking organic sea moss gel for about 2 months now and I have noticed a difference in my digestive health, my energy levels and I haven't been as sick as others and I will continue to take it as it has been helping me

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  • 16 h

Tracey Martin

I will take this evryday for the rest of my life. It is an exceptionl product! I feel fantastic when taking it! Thruth!

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  • 4 d


It absolutely works. I don't have an immune system, I have a rare genetic disease in which I don't want the "jab”mRNA in my system. I have been taking this for a bit over three months now and I have not been sick ( first time ever in my life), my energy is at 100% plus ( people with specific antibody deficiency and hypo agammaglobulimenia have chronic fatigue) and as an added bonus, my skin looks amazing, I recently turned 60, and if you look at my IG page, I don't look it, and no, I'm not bragging . I am a fan for life and I cannot thank this company enough!!

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Dina Kae Marseline

I finished half the jar I feel amazing full of energy not tired. I'm well so far!

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  • 4 d

Michelle Collins-Reynolds

I feel so good since taking this sea moss! More energy, clear mind and my skin is clearing up! AMAZING PRODUCT!

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  • 4 d

Terese Day

I love mine! I got the plain flavor. It seems to make me feel calm & aid digestion. Fast shipping.

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  • 2 w
  • Edited

Nadia Bennett Corrado

Just bought it about a week ago. Stomach problems are going away. Feeling more energetic and calm. Love it

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  • 17 m


I have three jars of it all different flavors and it's wonderful. It's like jam. Really tastes great

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  • 46 m


The reality of it, I don't have any joint pain, I was just in my knees climbing over metal parts with no padding. This was Saturday I'm back to work Monday and I feel great. Family members got sick, and I haven't. Maybe just a little runny nose but clears right up. I'm actually going to order more product.

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  • 2 h

Erik Guilarte

I also started taking this and all I have to say is this works. If you want to detoxify your body and lungs and if your smoker this will clean your lungs you will be spitting out mucus from every hole in your body lol! But I'm serious and I also have not gotten sick and the energy is perfect I capsule or spoon. A day will keep you busy ohh and if your not a sweaty person this will make you sweat .but in a great way that's the way the body detox.

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  • 8 h

Check Real Sea Moss Users Experiences

Featured in:
Key Ingredients
Feel the power of vitamins when you choose your gel
Dietary Fiber
omega 3

Sea moss is a natural source of iron, which is the key mineral involved in oxygen transport and energy production.

Sufficient iron levels can help prevent the early iron-deficiency anemia, a condition characterized by fatigue and low energy levels.

Full ingredients
Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Zinc, Niacin, Magnesium, CopperFolate, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Vitamin E

I would say you need to try it and give sea moss a chance. Nothing works in a week. Give it at least three months minimum. I think it works. I feel better. For sure

Stephanie, 58 y.o, restaurant manager


Where is our sea moss from?

We are proud to say that our sea moss is sourced from a Marine-Protected Area off the coast of Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam - one of the most pristine and coveted bays in the world. Our local team collects the sea moss in the wild and dries it under the sun right on the shore, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability.

We take the safety and quality of our product seriously, and that's why we have all the necessary documents from our supplier, including the certificate of origin, Phytosanitary certificate, and Certificate of Analysis. Furthermore, our products have been checked by the FDA at customs to ensure they meet the highest standards.

What if you have serious diseases?

At the moment, no negative side effects of sea moss have been identified. However, in case of any diseases, we advise you to contact your GP for an initial consultation regarding the intake of sea moss.

How do you use sea moss gel?

You can easily add our True Sea Moss gel into your routine with just eat 2 tablespoons a day after the meal. You can also cook it however you like, such as adding it in smoothies, desserts, or juices.

How could I use sea moss for my skin?

We recommend a wildcrafted gel, which contains no fruit, for application to the skin. However, we believe that taking sea moss orally greatly accelerates the process of skin regeneration and the reduction of all imperfections. The main benefit of sea moss is that taking it orally has a beneficial effect on the whole body, not just the skin.

If you want to take sea moss both orally and topically, we advise you to take 2 jars: a wildcrafted one and one with any flavor.

Why our gels?

Our True Sea Moss team strives every day to do their best to create a product that we, our family, and our customers will love more and more.

We are careful about our ingredients, as there is not a single added sugar in our sea moss gels. It's only delicious because of the fruit grown on natural farms, some of which are in California.
We're tired of "out of stock" and "slow shipping", so you'll receive your purchase in as little as 2 days.

Can I use sea moss while breastfeeding or being pregnant?

We do not recommend sea moss for breastfeeding and pregnant women without consulting first with your healthcare provider. This is a particularly delicate, so it is best to ask a professional about activities that may affect the health of you and the baby.