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Insane Things Sea Moss Does To Gut Health

Irish sea moss is a species of Red algae, also known as Chondrus crispus. It is incredibly popular today in the culinary, beauty, pharmacy, and wellness industries.

Irish moss reached ultimate popularity when Kim Kardashian tweeted her sea moss smoothie, giving positive feedback to her superfood-charged drink.

Overall, Irish sea moss is a highly advantageous addition to your skincare routine and, most importantly, to your inner health. Let’s see how sea moss benefits gut health and what you can do to get the maximum advantage from this powerful superfood.

5 science-based facts about sea moss's impact on your guts

Is sea moss good for gut health or is it just a marketing trick? No, we are serious about that. Sea moss's consistent use has been seen to improve your digestion like nothing else. Here are the five science-backed facts about sea moss and digestion.

  • Promotes gut bacteria growth(1). Irish sea moss fiber positively impacts your gut microbiota, resulting in a prebiotic effect. This potentiates the growth of your “good” gut bacteria which strengthens the immunity of your guts against bad bacteria.
  • Soothes inflammation(2). Sea moss’ polysaccharide Porhphyran has been linked to soothe inflammation and treat unpleasant ailments such as gastritis. It also boasts antioxidant properties and potential anti-tumor abilities.
  • Fights-off infections(1). Sea moss promotes your gut immunity with its unique element κ-carrageenan. It enhances your immune genes and effectively decreases your likelihood of getting an infection
  • Helps with bowel diseases(3). Chonrdus crispus is rich in the most vital antioxidants, which are Vitamins C and E. These vitamins can play a central role in treating some digestive disorders, increase beneficial gut bacteria, and improve fat absorption.
  • Acts as prebiotic(4). Irish sea moss is a dense source of prebiotics, as it is rich in fiber. Prebiotics of sea moss promote the growth of beneficial Bifidobacteria, which can regulate insulin and reduce cholesterol levels. The marine superfood can significantly aid your weight-loss efforts and prevent many heart diseases.

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Overall, the consistent use of Irish moss supplements significantly benefits your guts, digestion, immunity, and health in general.

Simply enjoy a spoonful after your balanced meal! If you crave culinary experiments — add a spoon of gel to your smoothie or a protein shake and enjoy the benefits without any extra effort!

By the way, the most popular sea moss option in our True Sea Moss shop is a fruit-flavored gel. It’s free of sugar, gluten, GMO, and preservatives.

Does Irish moss have a laxative effect?

Being a rich source of fiber, Irish sea moss is your natural weapon against constipation! Briefly speaking, Irish moss is an effective laxative that will solve many restroom issues.

Additionally, it stimulates your gallbladder, which also helps against the discomforts of constipation, especially if it stems from your gallbladder inflammation.

Can sea moss cause constipation?

The short answer is no. Irish sea moss was used for centuries as a treatment for diarrhea(6), but it doesn’t cause constipation. It is an effective remedy when it comes to bowel irritation and inflammation, and it will wonderfully stimulate your bowel movement(5).

Bonus: How to get more gut health benefits from Irish moss?

Irish sea moss is a natural gut health superhero. However, taking it by itself may not be as beneficial as if you let it fuel the effect of other supplements you take. Let’s see how to get the maximum effect from your Irish sea moss!

Add it to your yogurt

While sea moss lacks probiotics, yogurt, and kefir are dense sources of them. As a friendly hint — you can add your True Sea Moss elderberry or mango gel to your milkshake or yogurt, with a spoonful of protein powder to benefit your gut health.

Take it with probiotics

Does sea moss have probiotics? No. But it is a wonderful source of prebiotics that act as a “food” for your probiotics. So if you wonder can you take sea moss and probiotics together — by all means! Such a compound can also become an exceptional support for your irritated guts if you struggle with frequent stress or looking to recover after antibiotics.

Take it with fruits!

As we pointed out above, vitamins C and A — contained in fruits and berries — are very beneficial for your gut health, increment good bacteria, help with proper fat digestion, and cushion inflammation.

Vitamin A is your gut’s immune homeostasis central(7) and it is essential for a healthy gut barrier. Besides, also known as retinol, vitamin A can help your skin retain youth and help with acne.

Be consistent with it

In sea moss, there are many vitamins that love consistency and have cumulative effects. If you want to see fruitful results, improve your gut health, and forget about tummy issues, stay tuned to Irish moss and strive to use two tablespoons with a meal every day, at least for six months.

And if you are not keen on gels, at True Sea Moss we have easy-to-take capsules, powder, wildcrafted moss for your experiments, and even flavored gummies that add fun along with the benefits to your routine. Subscribe to our program and claim a free jar of sea moss gel with your first gummy purchase!

We developed this option to help you save and encourage you to stay consistent :)


Irish sea moss, a species of Red algae, is a beneficial solution for your guts. The answer to whether is sea moss a probiotic is negative, however, it is high in prebiotics that feed your gut bacteria.

The regular use of sea moss helps potentially promote gut bacteria growth, cushions inflammation in your guts and stomach, and fights bowel diseases. To get the maximum from the sea moss use, you can take it with your favorite yogurt or milkshake, enrich it with vitamins A, E, and C, take it with additional prebiotics, and stay consistent with it.

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