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Sea Moss Benefits: How Consuming Sea Moss Changes Your Life

sea moss

Sea Moss Benefits: 8 Reasons To Apply Sea Moss In Your Nutrition

Red algae, also known as Irish moss, or sea moss, is harvested for its thickening agent for dairy products.

There is a plenty of ways to consume sea moss to include it in your daily nutrition swimmingly: in the form of gel, powder, capsule, and so on.

Sea moss can be named a superfood for its multiple properties. Dietitians would name you a plethora of assuring sea moss benefits—but let’s focus on the key ones sea moss is valuable for.

8 key Irish sea moss benefits to make you a super-hero

Two tablespoons of Irish sea moss only contain 5 calories and a great 92 minerals out of those 102 a human body requires to stay healthful, vigorous, and young throughout life. And this is only a tip of the iceberg of the sea moss benefits list!

Strengthens your stomach

The majority of the dietary fiber in seaweed comes in the form of polysaccharides, digestible by the bacteria in our stomachs.

As a result, organic sea moss benefits our digestion and serves as a prebiotic—a food source for healthy gut bacteria. By feeding the gut bacteria, we encourage the germs that foster a favorable gut environment. 

After-workout solution

When we exercise, we acquire small microtears in our muscles, but amino acids that aid in muscle growth, and are abundant in sea moss, aid with agile muscle recovery—one of the most remarkable sea moss benefits for men and all fans of fitness.

Noteworthy, sea moss contains circa 6 grams of protein per 100 grams, vital for muscle growth and revitalizing, and 14 grams of magnesium to keep your muscles and nerves enduring.

Boosts your heart

Irish sea moss benefits your heart and circulatory system. Being one of the greatest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, seaweed may help regulate cholesterol and function as a blood thinner, lowering the risk of heart disease, according to studies.

Helps you get fit 

Among all sea moss benefits for women this one may appear to be the most attractive—owing to the rich storage of fiber, Irish moss benefits your ability to control weight, since fiber keeps you fulfilled longer, diminishing the feeling of hunger.

Iodine-rich source

Iodine is a mineral that helps to make vital thyroid hormones. It has several functions in the body, yet our organism doesn't naturally produce iodine, which paramount function is to help the thyroid regulate your metabolism and mood.

Hence, a deficiency can lead to symptoms like weakness, constipation, and exhaustion. 

Helps with sugar control in your blood

Referring to its ability to slow the rate of digestion, you may apply sea moss for weight loss and also predict type 2 diabetes.

Substances in sea moss like carotenoid and fucoxanthin support improved blood sugar regulation and assist to minimize insulin resistance.

Promotes “Hollywood smile”

Only 100 grams of sea moss contain 157 milligrams of phosphorus, vital for your teeth and bones! To give you a slight idea—anemia, muscular weakness, poor coordination, discomfort in the bones, and infections are all symptoms of phosphorus shortage.

Gives you a mega-memory

From other sea moss health benefits, the supplement is abundant in magnesium—the mineral that boosts memory and brain function.

Mainly, it enhances cognitive function and aids in brain injury prevention, but also aids in memory enhancement, and anxiety reduction.

How to apply sea moss to your dietary routine?

If you can’t imagine yourself eating a sea moss gel from a teaspoon or swallowing a volumetric capsule—there are several forms of sea moss could be found in specialized stores:

Healthy food is not always distasteful: here are some ideas to prepare sea moss and start enjoying it.

Add it to your smoothie

Add a sea moss gel to your post-workout or morning smoothie—it won’t save the taste of seaweed. It’s recommended to add sea moss in non-citrus smoothies only, to avoid reducing the supplement’s efficiency.

Add it to your ice cream

Irish Moss gives any raw sauce, spread, or other raw product a smooth, creamy feel and makes it ideal to be consumed in a form of ice cream. You can prepare sea moss ice cream using whole sea moss, sea moss gel, or powder.

Add sea moss gel to your breakfasts

Sea moss gel benefits from its variety of use: If you want to start adding sea moss to your breakfasts—such as oatmeal—simply add sea moss gel to your jar of jam or yogurt.

Try Jamaican Irish Moss drink

Jamaican Irish Moss drink sparks with the taste of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. It’s a sweet, spiced beverage that is usually served with a rum floater, and also doesn’t taste like seaweed.

Is it safe to consume sea moss every day?

Sea moss contains nearly the whole list of minerals vital for human body sustainability, however, it shouldn’t be overused. Taking sea moss more than prescribed may lead to consuming a dangerously high dose of heavy metals and iodine. 

Nutritionists recommend consuming only a teaspoon of sea moss per day or no more than 4 grams daily.

How long does it take for sea moss to start working?

Taking a teaspoon of Irish sea moss daily you will start feeling more energized and clear-minded in a week or a pair of weeks—but it depends on your age, sex, digestion, and frequency of physical activity.

Notice, that it's common to encounter some adverse effects within the first three days, when taking sea moss on a daily basis. However, these side effects are generally regarded as typical detox symptoms and normally go away within a week. 

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