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What our real customers tell about sea moss eating

Sea moss is the answer to more energy, health, and wellness. Read the story of Melissa, a woman who gave sea moss a try and it changed her life entirely.

The fascinating video interview is available online, you can watch it on our True Sea Moss YouTube channel!

How did sea moss appear in Melissa’s life?

While you can learn about sea moss from social media, medical news, or your nutritionist, Melissa was suggested to try Irish sea moss by her own sister, who works full-time and copes with raising two kids.

Sea moss was Melissa’s sister's solution to everything, moreover, organic sea moss is super viral today, which has only increased the credibility of it to Melissa. This is when she decided to try it.

What benefits of sea moss she had never expected to see?

Melissa tells that everything changed for her with the sea moss in her nutrition. Sea moss brought benefits for skin which became shinier and healthier. Irish moss is packed with vitamin B, which also improved Melissa’s hair health and made her nails stronger by increasing the production of collagen.

Before the sea moss, Melissa struggled with poor digestion. She notes that sea moss played as a strong metabolism booster, but what’s more important it fixed her digestion. And it’s not a surprise, as sea moss is a powerhouse of prebiotics and antioxidants!

Energy is another sea moss benefit that surprised Melissa. It surprises all our customers and usually is enough for all of them to carry on with using sea moss. Yet, for Melissa, it was a real salvation:

“Sea moss also gives me as much energy as I need. Let's say I didn't get a full night's rest the night before. If I take sea moss, I don't feel tired the rest of the day, whereas before taking sea moss I would have been tired.“ — she shares.

Finally, having minimal resistance to illnesses, Melissa was prone to catching a cold from the slightest breeze of a cold wind. In the interview, she says with excitement that sea moss can drastically improve your immune system:

“I feel like my immune system is really good. I can tolerate cold weather. I can be around other people and not feel bad or anything.”

Melissa wasn’t fond of the taste of sea moss — it’s a seaweed and it obviously tastes like something that is salty and grows in the sea. However, you don’t need to struggle with it, as we sell flavored sea moss gels with natural dried fruits in our store!

When will the first results come?

Sea moss affects everyone differently. You can see the first alterations in your well-being tomorrow, and your friend will see it in a few months.

For Melissa it only took 3 days to start feeling way better:

“When I first started taking sea moss, I saw a positive effect after three days. By the third day, I already started noticing that I wasn't getting tired. That was the first benefit I saw.” — comments Melissa.

Note: How much sea moss gel to eat?

It’s worth being noticed that sea moss won’t work if you don’t follow a routine for its consumption.

The regular serving of sea moss usually recommended by nutritionists is two teaspoons a day. Many of our customers apply 10 grams in the morning for energy and 5 before going to sleep.

Before incorporating sea moss for health be sure to check up with your physician.

Start using sea moss yourself

For Melissa sea moss changed everything, and you can see great improvements in your life just like she did.

“Once I started taking sea moss, my metabolism became excellent. My gut health is great. My body feels clean and clear. I feel more enlightened after taking sea moss. I feel more genetically healthy and just overall happy because my body feels good and clean.”

It’s a sign for you to start your sea moss journey! Choose your sea moss flavor and pick a form from the selection of gummies, gels, powders, and capsules in our store.


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