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How Sea Moss Can Improve Mental Clarity And Health

In a world full of pressure it’s vital to find your ways to improve motivation and be able to keep up. Recently our team interviewed Phoebe, a 28-year-old talented English fitness instructor and dancer from LA. We want you to get encouraged by Phoebe’s sea moss story. Let this interview inspire you to strive for your well-being!

“During the day, I usually work as a fitness instructor, so I teach a lot of yoga, dance, and pilates classes. I’m also a professional dancer and can be found working on music videos or movies. For around 8 to 12 hours a day, I’m on rehearsals, so I do a lot of physicals and invest all my energy throughout the day.” — tells Phoebe to our interviewer.

The whole interview with Phoebe is available on our official YouTube channel. Watch how sea moss can drastically improve your mood and motivation in Phoebe’s example!

Phoebe’s first experience with sea moss: where changes begin

Phoebe first learns about sea moss from her friend’s social media — her lively and dippy mate shared her experience with sea moss smoothies, recommending trying sea moss for health. What Phoebe learned about sea moss seemed gross to her — how could anyone add seaweed to a smoothie?

Yet, Phoebe’s friend was so excited about sea moss, making it sound like a wondrous drug that changes life. After being filled in and explained what is sea moss good for, Phoebe decided to also give it a go.

If you have ever moved to another country or state, you know how thrilling but intimidating it is. Phoebe moved from England to Los Angeles, on the opposite point of Earth. It was a great challenge for Phoebe’s motivation, as she got to go through the foreign mentality and culture of living every single day.

How sea moss benefited Phoebe’s dynamic lifestyle

After discovering where to buy sea moss, Phoebe says she started mixing sea moss smoothies consistently, every day, and embracing the promised changes in her life. It took a week for the changes to come.

“My very first time trying sea moss was when I first moved to Los Angeles, and it was really a big push on my health and wellness at the time. I was ready for loads of changes.” — Phoebe explains.

Her mind clarity tangibly improved

Phoebe shares that her schedule was constantly changing. She had to wake up in the early mornings and adjust her life to the volatile life flow. The regular consumption of sea moss helped Phoebe to improve her mental health and cope with her career, gym training, personal life, and wellness.

She often had doubts about her own powers, which affected her motivation to move on and keep pushing her career to success.

After sea moss, Phoebe felt like everything is rolled into one — she gained her self-assurance back, with a great will to keep making her life.

The post-workout recovery got faster

Phoebe told us that all her days were “on her legs”, it is a lot of activity and energy that you have to put in every day of your life. She spent days in the gym running fitness classes and dancing, which usually caused regular muscle pain and discomforting sourness.

Phoebe notices that a week of regular sea moss made post-workout recovery smoother and quicker. She also points out that sea moss can efficiently relieve foot pain.

We’re convinced that Magnesium and Taurine amino acids are to be grateful here, as both of them contribute to quick regeneration.

Red algae also boasts a strong anti-inflammatory effect, that soothes pain, while sea moss’ minerals can boost the production of collagen, which provides structure and strength throughout your muscles.

Mood stability appeared

Phoebe tells that her mood before sea moss was fluctuate — sometimes she felt down, and sometimes she got suddenly inclined to carry on. Sea moss vitamins brought calmness and stability to Phoebe’s life, she started feeling motivated before, during, and after workouts.

“Every time I was finishing my workouts, I felt more inclined to recover with better foods, better nutrition, and it just felt like I was really trying to be like a better human around this time.” — Phoebe shares with our team.

It is very possible that sea moss’ health benefits, particularly Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and B-group vitamins, helped Phoebe to balance her mind and mood. These elements bring calmness and mental clarity to your mind, enhancing your sleep, and improving your nerves.

How to incorporate sea moss?

There are numerous ways you can incorporate sea moss into your life. We sell sea moss gummies and easy-to-take Irish sea moss capsules in our TrueSeaMoss shop that will match your preferences if you dislike raw food or seaweed taste.

Phoebe, on the other hand, wanted her sea moss to be as raw and organic as possible. Here’s how she would use sea moss daily: add a spoon or two of sea moss gel to your overnight oats, oatmeal, or smoothie, or just take it as it is.

Broaching on where and when to take sea moss, here’s our advice:

✔️ Taking sea moss in the morning will help you get focused and improve mental clarity.

✔️ Eating sea moss in the evening will enhance your sleep and make it more restful.

✔️ Pre and after-workout sea moss will raise the ability of your muscles to recover, ridding you of soreness in the muscles (DOMS).

How to choose your sea moss form?

While Phoebe prefers raw sea moss, you might be more open to a variety of sea moss products offered by our and other brands. You’re not limited in the options, but here are the most popular today:

 ●  Sea moss gel. Phoebe mixes sea moss into her smoothie, but you can add gelled sea moss supplements to soups, salads, and other cold meals.

 ●  Sea moss gummies and capsules. Phoebe finds them helpful to those who don’t cook much. We recommend capsules and gummies to those who have active lifestyles or picky kids, as flavored sea moss gummies are quite delicious.

 ●  Sea moss beauty products. As sea moss boosts collagen and protects your skin from stress, improving its elasticity and youth, Irish moss can be found in soap bars, masks, shampoos, and serums.

You can choose your sea moss solution with your favorite taste down here, in our store:


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To everyone looking to try sea moss

Considering her wonderful experience with sea moss benefits, Phoebe recommends sea moss to everyone. She insists that you have to keep being patient and consistent to let sea moss bring its magical properties into your life.

“Just one teaspoon a day is all you need, and you really need to see the benefits for yourself to believe it.” — Phoebe concludes.

Bonus: Phoebe’s opinion on flavored sea moss gel

As Phoebe has mentioned that she prefers sea moss for energy with its original taste, we offered Phoebe to try our flavored sea moss gel.

If you wonder what texture or taste a flavored seaweed may have — Phoebe notices that it’s like a nice, sweet sorbet with a smooth texture and that it’s hard to resist taking an extra spoon of exotic-fruit-flavored sea moss delish.

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