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Can You Freeze Sea Moss Gel and How To Do That?

Sea moss gel is a trendy superfood, cherished for its nutritional content and health benefits. However, owing to its highly organic nature, sea moss doesn’t boast a long shelf life.

After being unsealed, sea moss gel should be put in the fridge and used within four weeks. Freezing sea moss gel will prolong the life of your superfood for up to 6 months, without risking it going bad.

Learn how to freeze sea moss gel to save it for longer, how to defrost it to save its properties, and how to freeze your gel properly.


What is sea moss gel?

Red algae Chondrus crispus is a seaweed harvested in warm waters globally. It’s famous for its rich nutritional content and for the benefits it gives to your health.

 Our regular customers notice that the constant use of Irish moss improves the immune system, energy levels, and overall health. There are numerous scientific research that tell about Irish moss's potential to treat rare medical conditions.

 A gel from red algae is a blend of wildcrafted sea moss and spring water. At TrueSeaMoss we sell classic gels without flavor and flavored with natural, farm-harvested fruits.

The seaweed itself is a nutrient-rich alga. It is high in fiber, iodine, iron, minerals, and vitamins. What’s more, sea moss has an unmatched amount of antioxidants that increase your body’s natural resistance to viruses.

 Two tablespoons of True Sea Moss gel provide you with energy, boost your immunity system, ensure focus and mind clarity throughout the day, and keep you full, preventing overeating.

Can you freeze sea moss gel?

Can you freeze sea moss gel without sacrificing its properties? By all means, you can, and even should if you want to keep it fresh, enjoying its advantages for months.

  Frozen sea moss can store its treasured nutrients even longer. You should seal your valuable gel well before putting it in the freezer — to avoid the absorption of smells that other products in your freezer might contain.

How to freeze sea moss gel properly?

How to freeze sea moss gel to ensure its quality after defrosting? Simply pour your gel into a clean, dry container that allows for air-tight sealing.

You can also use an ice cube tray to freeze your gel. Be sure to cover it well before putting it back in the freezer.

How long does sea moss gel last frozen?

TrueSeaMoss gels last 6 months in the freezer. Still, it also depends on the quality of your freezer. You should use your Red algae gel within 6 months to get the maximum advantage of its properties — highly natural foods, unfortunately, lose their beneficial perks over time.

“A friendly note: freezing sea moss does not extend its life when you put it off the freezer, nor it will make Irish moss gel indestructible.”

What happens with frozen sea moss?

If you are afraid that freezing sea moss gel will make it inedible after defrosting or will lose texture — worry not. In fact, after being completely frozen, the gel will be even more usable in the recipes.

 The new texture of Red algae will be thicker and more pliable, which will allow for easier cutting of it.

If you freeze your gel using an ice-cube tray and have a working blender, you will have no problem using Irish moss ice cubes to make icy sorbets, exquisite drinks, or frosty smoothies by blending frozen seaweed into crumbly ice.


How do you defrost sea moss gel?

We recommend giving time and waiting : just put the container of gel in a bowl full of warm water. Change the water every 15-20 minutes to let your Irish seaweed be evenly thawed.

If you need your frozen gel to be defrosted immediately, you can put it into the oven with the set function of defrosting. But be very careful.

Be sure to change the container for your Irish algae gel to be heated in the oven unless it was frozen in a container that tolerates high-degree temperatures. Keep your frozen gel for several minutes in the heated oven at the lowest level.

Can sea moss gel get spoiled in the freezer?

Freezing sea moss gel extends its life but can’t entirely make it indestructible. While it won’t obtain an unpleasurable odor and get slimy-watery as it happens when you abandon sea moss in the fridge for long, frozen sea moss gel can simply lose its properties and become less efficient. Besides, it can start absorbing other scents from your freezer over time.

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To sum up

Sea moss gel is a wondrous superfood that gives your body a lot of benefits that any other supplement can barely boast of.

Two tablespoons full of our gel have been seen to provide a strong antioxidant effect, soothe inflammation, uplift energy, and improve the state of your skin, hair, nails, and overall health.

At TrueSeaMoss we ensure the quality of our sea moss and every ingredient we blend it with by collaborating with the finest food providers in California.

Our sea moss gel lasts up to 6 months in the freezer being well-sealed. You can still use frozen sea moss in your dishes, as it is easy to chop, cut, and blend into crumbles.

To defrost your sea moss, carefully put it into a bowl of warm water, changing water periodically to let your gel evenly thaw, or microwave it for 20 seconds in a microwave-safe vessel.

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